Beginning Edit

Waleed is a Normie admin on Sarcastic Sora named Sephiroth. He joined the group on September 24th, 2016, his first post was of the 358/2 Days manga. He was a big part of the Sarcastic Sora, Stealer of Content arc. The reason he is a Normie is because he posted a meme form Memecenter. Justin somehow figured out Waleed was the Mole later that day he left the group.


Strengthen Waleed Edit

After Waleed left Muhammad shared a picture of Waleed's face, Starman then edited it into Wahleed Form 2, which is in the shape of Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness. According to Justin; Wahleed is his second Waifu next to Buff Riku. This then disappeared and was never mentioned again. until November.

Waleed's Return Edit


Waleed returned to /KHS/ on November 5th 2016 when Starman posted ''Since Strengthposting arcs have been on a standstill as of late, let's take some time to reflect. Which was your favorite arc and why? Mine personally was Sarcastic Sora and The Mole arc because it ushered a golden age of quality memes. Waleed will forever be one of the best KHS memes." This then jogged every bodies memories of Sarcastic Sora and Waleed. On November 9th 2016, he really returned by posting a meme on Sarcastic Sora about the United States Presidential Election. On November 12th 2016, Mathew then posted messages that he had with Waleed, this was when he got his Third Form, which was basically his Second Form, but with laser eyes. Andrew then posted his Fourth Form, named Sephileed, this time based off Ganondorf. Starman then posted his Final Form on November 13th, 2013, where he transcended into Sephiroth himself!


Waleed's Revenge Edit

On January 9th, 2017 Waleed told the Strengthposting Wikia creator to delete his page, so to be a good sport he took it off the official Wikia and posted it on a new one, all about Waleed.

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